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PANDA Webcast for Expecting and New Parents

A recorded video webcast for all new and expecting parents, or anyone concerned about a loved one during pregnancy or the first year after birth.

Research suggests around one in three mothers/birth parents experience their baby's birth as traumatic. Fathers/non-birth parents and other birth partners can also be affected. Unspoken birth trauma can undermine emotional wellbeing in early parenthood, and for one in 10 birth parents, will lead to post-traumatic stress disorder.

Birth trauma can occur in births that include a medical emergency or significant injury, and those that seem 'straightforward', but which feel scary or out of control. Birth trauma is under-diagnosed and not widely recognised in the community. Symptoms are very diverse, and a wide range of effective supports are available.

The webcast includes lived experience stories, discussion of how birth trauma works, potential symptoms, effective support options, and where to start if you need help for yourself or a loved one. Watch through from the beginning, or watch just the sections that interest you. Closed captions are available.

What happens after I check out?  

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