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PANDA Health Professional Webinar

This webinar ran on Tuesday 15 June 2021, 10am to 12 noon AEST (By purchasing this course you will be registered for the recording. The recording will be available by June 29, 2021)

As a care provider working with expecting or new parents, you play a critical role with clients experiencing mental distress and associated risks, such as family violence, suicidality, self-harm, substance abuse and risk to child.

This work can be very challenging, not least because stigma and shame can stop expecting and new parents from disclosing distress and risk to their care providers. Many will minimise their distress, and other information relating to risk, perhaps fearing judgement or even child removal. Another challenge is the risk of vicarious trauma and burnout for care providers.

This webinar will help you learn more about risk in the perinatal period, including:

  • red flags for each risk are
  • useful questions to help you explore risk
  • key referral pathways for each risk area
  • strategies and resources to prevent your own burnout.

Critical skills for doing this work effectively including building trust and rapport with your client, encouraging disclosure and support risk assessment.

This webinar will strengthen your skills in:

  • building trust and supporting disclosure
  • exploring and assessing key risks
  • collaborating with clients to work towards safety
  • supporting effective referrals
  • recognizing when you need debriefing or other supports, to support your own wellbeing and the sustainability of your role.

The webinar will feature: a lived experience story, practice and language tips, and role plays that will strengthen your skills in exploring risk, and making effective referrals.
Presented by experienced PANDA training and counselling and peer education staff.

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